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The Workaround with modifying the SQL Scripts, when not using the Installer to setup the Database, is no longer necessary.However, you will need to request the updated Installer that contains HF7, if you’re going to do a new installation.This guide describes how to deploy Reader DC via App-V so that the application is delivered on demand but run as if they were installed locally. With App-V 5.0 SP2 or later, publishing globally automatically creates these extensions and Reader behaves like a native application. Publish the package globally: Extension points for the Reader App-V Package require machine-level installation.Microsoft has released the Hotfix Package 8 for App-V 5.1.The Hotfix is titled as March 2017 Servicing Release for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and pushes App-V to version details can be found in the official Knowledge-Base Article.

to resolve basic issues and to at the very least, gather the necessary data to help higher level escalation teams isolate the problem.

You upgrade the client by installing a new version over the previously installed older version.

When you upgrade the clients, the installer software automatically preserves and migrates the user’s settings for virtual applications.

In the world of App-V, we divide up troubleshooting problems in two ways: 1) troubleshooting the operational client engine and 2) troubleshooting the application itself.

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IT departments relegate level 1 operational troubleshooting to their helpdesk team.You must install the version of the client that matches the operating system of the target computer.