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And like me, as Lianne reached her late thirties, still single and childless, she began to reconsider her more observant lifestyle when she found fewer men who were not put off by her career as a successful internist and/or men she found at her level of sophistication and worldliness.

She began to date non-observant Jewish men, dipping a toe in here and there, until, like me, she realized that secular Jewish men who wanted to marry Jewish women wanted to marry Jewish women who would eat in non-kosher restaurants and go out before the sunset on Saturday nights after the Sabbath ended.

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1899) which documents an event in Ukraine that the artist read about: a Jewish woman was attacked by members of her community for falling in love with a Christian convert.

She had to make a choice to go back to being less-observant and date non-orthodox men if she wanted a greater chance to marry and have children.

"I believed I had made the right choice for myself a decade earlier," Lianne contended as she fed a calm Jacob.

Interfaith marriage in Judaism (also called mixed marriage or intermarriage) was historically looked upon with very strong disfavour by Jewish leaders, and it remains a controversial issue amongst them today.

In the Talmud, interfaith marriage is completely prohibited, although the definition of interfaith is not so simply expressed.

with a Midianite woman (not from the seven Canaanite nations); this took place at a time when foreign (Moabite) women were inducing the Jews to perform idolatry.

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