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24-Oct-2017 06:20

Purchase cards explained The traditional use of a credit card is for purchasing goods or services, whether in the high street or online.

Credit card companies require you to pay a minimum off your balance each month.

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Two former Harvard Law School administrators are accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an account meant to help students with disabilities.

*Note: when using the P-Card, remember that purchases are tax-exempt.However, you should clear your debt within the interest-free period because the rate will jump once it ends.If you can't, you should consider a credit card with a low long-term rate such as Barclaycard Simplicity, which charges 6.8 per cent.When you open your account you may be offered a purchase rate.

After that, we'll increase it to the rate shown here. It is made up of the standard interest rate on purchases, outside of any promotional rate, along with any other charges you may have to pay.Court documents say a subpoena to Apple traced the items to De Marco’s home in Chelsea and Saylors’ apartment in Cambridge.