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He received an avalanche of critical praise for his performance as Phil Romano in Jason Miller's 1972 Broadway play That Championship Season, a role he repeated in the 1982 TCS film version.

In a 1974 ABC Movie of the Week, he played Harry Walters, a stout real estate salesman, who is randomly picked up by a beautiful woman (Jo Anna Cameron) and raped at gunpoint as a prank, and left to explain to his friend (Adam Arkin) and wife (Michael Learned) how It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy, a movie considered risqué, even for the '70s.

So fans hoping to meet Paul at stage doors around the UK as he tours in Fiddler On The Roof from September 5 will hopefully appreciate that he's someone who would rather discuss the meaning of life than his on-screen car chases."David was the clothes horse and the one who injured himself jumping on cars and of course he had hit records," Paul happily points out.

The pair remain close and are meeting up in London where David lives and Paul is rehearsing.

He is the father of actress Mira Sorvino and actor Michael Sorvino.

Sorvino was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City.

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And those who suffer the consequences are usually innocent civilians. Why would cops wear camouflage gear against a terrain patterned by convenience stores and beauty parlors? so given to quasi-martial crowd control methods (such as bans on walking on the street) and, per the reporting of , the firing of tear gas at people in their own yards? ’ he shouted, prompting police to fire a tear gas canister directly at his face.”) Why would someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, comment that “We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone”?

He began his career as a copywriter in an advertising agency, where he worked with John Margeotes, founder of Margeotes, Fertitta, and Weiss. While attending The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, he decided to go into the theatre.

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