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28-Sep-2017 15:00

Mark Gray was born in Melbourne, Victoria on February 20th, 1981 to parents with Latvian, English and Irish heritage.

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The pair are pictured playing for the US President's Cup team in 2013 Amanda Boyd (left) and Lindsey Vonn (right) watch their other halves in The Presidents Cup in 2013.

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Much has been said about corded and cordless tools as to which one is the best.

Until its discontinuation, Kodachrome was the oldest surviving brand of color film.

It was manufactured for 74 years in various formats to suit still and motion picture cameras, including 8 mm, Super 8, 16 mm for movies (exclusively through Eastman Kodak), and 35 mm for movies (exclusively through Technicolor Corp as "Technicolor Monopack") and 35 mm, 120, 110, 126, 828 and large format for still photography.

Brought up in a Baptist family, Mark attended Wattle Park Chapel and became a Christian in his early teenage years.

Nagpaul “Paleo-uplift and cooling rates from various orogenic belts of India as revealed by radiometric ages.” Tectonophysics, V.70, P.135-138. … continue reading »

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